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Industrial Epoxy Flooring

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Industrial Epoxy Floors

Navigating the world of flooring options can be overwhelming, even in a place as beautiful as Mesa, Arizona. Countless alternatives make it challenging for any single flooring type to captivate your attention. Perhaps one offers practical benefits but lacks visual appeal, while the stunning options might not quite meet your practical needs. Here in Mesa, we have exciting news for you! We now provide our exceptional epoxy flooring services at rates that won’t break the bank!



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    Unfamiliar with epoxy flooring? Fear not, we’re thrilled to guide you through it! Epoxy flooring is an incredibly robust and durable flooring system, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Besides its unparalleled durability, epoxy flooring begins as a liquid, rendering it one of the most versatile flooring options available, with the capacity to match your every creative whim. Intrigued to learn more about epoxy flooring? Feel free to delve into the wealth of information we’ve prepared for you below!

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    We’ve assembled a brief overview of the most sought-after types of industrial epoxy flooring below, listed in no specific order. Searching for a specific type of epoxy? Explore our website further or contact us directly today!

    This image shows a warehouse with a white epoxy floor.

    Self-Leveling Epoxy Floors

    Ideal for spaces that require a seamless and low-maintenance surface, self-leveling epoxy floors are a popular choice in many industrial environments. This type of epoxy flooring is renowned for its ability to convert old, worn-out concrete floors into high-performance surfaces. Self-leveling epoxy is easy to install over new, old, or damaged concrete floors, providing a smooth, level surface. Its durability, resistance to chemicals, and ease of maintenance make it perfect for high-traffic areas like warehouses, manufacturing plants, and automotive industries. Additionally, its glossy finish enhances the brightness of workspaces, promoting both productivity and safety.

    This image shows an industrial space with an epoxy coating.

    Epoxy Mortar Floors

    As the most robust epoxy flooring solution, epoxy mortar floors are well suited for highly demanding industrial applications. These floors are made with 100% solid epoxies and graded or quartz sand, making them highly resistant to chemicals and physical impacts. Given their extreme durability, epoxy mortar floors are frequently used in heavy industries, manufacturing plants, and commercial kitchens. Furthermore, they can also be used to repair cracks before applying other types of epoxy flooring. Epoxy mortar’s strength and resilience offer industries a reliable flooring solution built to withstand rigorous conditions.

    This image shows an industrial warehouse with a white epoxy floor.

    Anti-Static Epoxy Floors

    In certain industrial environments, like electronics manufacturing or pharmaceutical facilities, electrostatic charge can pose a significant risk. That’s where anti-static epoxy flooring comes into play. This specialized epoxy flooring system includes a conductive compound that accumulates and dissipates static electricity, helping to prevent damage to sensitive electronic equipment and decreasing the risk of static-induced sparks. Anti-static epoxy floors not only protect equipment but also help ensure the safety of personnel working in spaces where combustible gasses or liquids may be present. Despite their functional role, these floors don’t compromise on aesthetics, offering a high-gloss finish that enhances light reflectivity and overall appearance.


    The Benefits of Choosing Industrial Epoxy

    See What Epoxy Can Do For Your Space

    This image shows a warehouse with a white and gray epoxy floor.

    Durability and Strength

    One of the standout benefits of industrial epoxy flooring over other materials is its impressive durability and strength. Epoxy flooring creates a high-gloss, seamless surface that is exceptionally resistant to wear and tear, including heavy traffic and industrial machinery operation. This makes it an ideal solution for warehouses, factories, and other high-demand environments. Unlike other materials, epoxy flooring doesn’t chip, crack, or peel easily. Furthermore, its chemical resistance makes it suitable for industries where spillages of corrosive substances are a regular occurrence. Epoxy’s inherent toughness ensures a long-lasting flooring solution that can withstand the test of time and the rigors of industrial activities.

    This image shows a man cleaning the floor.

    Ease of Maintenance

    Industrial epoxy flooring provides a seamless and non-porous surface that is simple to clean and maintain, a feature that sets it apart from many other flooring materials. Because of its smooth and seamless finish, dust, dirt, and bacteria have no cracks or crevices to hide in, making regular cleaning a straightforward process. This is particularly beneficial in industries that require high standards of cleanliness, such as pharmaceuticals and food processing. The non-porous nature of epoxy flooring also means it’s resistant to stains, enabling easy cleanup of chemical spills or other potentially staining substances without worrying about lasting damage.

    This image shows an industrial plant with new epoxy floor paint.


    When considering the lifecycle costs, industrial epoxy flooring is an exceptionally cost-effective solution compared to other materials. Though the upfront costs of installing epoxy flooring might be higher than some alternatives, the longevity and low maintenance needs offset this initial investment over time. Unlike traditional concrete floors that require regular repairs and replacements, an epoxy floor’s lifespan can span decades with proper care and maintenance. Additionally, the quick and efficient installation process of epoxy flooring reduces downtime, resulting in less disruption to business operations and further adding to its cost-effectiveness.

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